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The Code story

Born from necessity not choice.

When growing our IT company, DC Reclamation, with my team, we discovered a real gap in digital skills and had difficulty identifying a training provider that met our high standards.

We didn’t want to just develop people with the practical and technical skills, we wanted to develop their behavioural capabilities, their ability to really add value to our organisation. The kind of capability that’s often referred to as ‘soft skills’ but in an ever developing digital world is absolutely critical in balancing commercial awareness, collaborative behaviour and technical knowledge, in order to drive business strategy and decision making.

And so Code was born, our Centre of Digital Excellence.

We realised we had many of the resources required to start developing talent for our business and that quickly developed into an academy able to support the development of digital apprentices for other employers. We’re passionate about sustainability, including socio-economic sustainability. Our goal is to develop a highly skilled and capable digital workforce and create opportunities for people to begin exciting digital careers.

With the blend of learning we offer, we’re creating the next generation of digital rockstars. People who not only know how to deliver technical work but, most importantly, understand their impact in a business and how to add value to its success. By working closely with employers, we can ensure these talented people are supported in building their career within your business.

Our vision

We believe our world can be more sustainable.

By challenging and changing the way people and organisations think and behave.

We deliver strategies, interventions and solutions to help people and organisations achieve.

Our values


We do the right thing


We positively challenge behaviours


We make a difference

Our behaviours

Customer focused




Clear leadership


Meet the team




Simons business interests span a number of sectors including digital, training and the leisure industryHe is the founder of DC Reclamation that incorporates two brands; Code and Rebuyer.

Code has an aim of creating new digital skills across all members of the workforce  with a goal of closing the digital skills gap whilst Rebuyer is a  forward thinking organisation that at its heart strives to enable other likeminded businesses to be more sustainable. Rebuyers sole purpose is to reuse, reduce and recycle clients-tired assets to help reduce their carbon footprint and develop the circular economy.



Lean Manufacturing Tutor

Mark has worked in the private FE sector for the past 13 years since completing a full and successful military career.

Mark has a wealth of experience within the commercial sector of FE and has a good pedigree of experience on his CV, he is a qualified A1 assessor, PTLLS level 4, IQA and has also experience of management and funding.  Marks passion for good quality teaching and training is evident. He enjoys adding extra value to his lessons when teaching passing real life experiences on and putting these into context for his learners, he has a ‘think to the finish’ attitude which he also tries to instil into the minds of apprentices. 



Head of Quality & Delivery

Clare has extensive experience of working in the FE sector, both public and private sector working in FE Colleges, Independent Training Providers, and the NHS.

Clare has a BA hons in Education and is a qualified assessor and IQA. Highly proficient in curriculum design and managing delivery teams. Quality focussed and driven to improve performance and processes and an experienced Ofsted nominee.



Lead IQA


Profile coming soon!



Head of Funding & Compliance

Amanda has worked in the FE for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience in all areas of MI, curriculum planning, compliance and audit enabling the safeguarding of funding. She has led in a number of ESFA audits both internally and on a consultancy basis for well known large clients.

She contributes to our high level strategic planning, funding forecasting and reconciliation of funds.



Lead IT Trainer and Coach

Dean is an Experienced Trainer delivering a wide variety of Digital curriculum, with many years’ experience in FE and HE education working in both the public and private sectors.

Dean has a BSc hons in Computing and is a fully qualified teacher and assessor in post 16 education. Dean has key skills in Curriculum development and is often found working with other key teams in the business when it comes to programme design,alongside employers and learners improving the quality of our programmes.



Head of Implementation & Client Support

With 20 years experience of leading learning and development strategy in customer centric industries, Ashley is perfectly placed and experienced when it comes to turning blue sky concept into reality.

Leading on the implementation and onboarding of new employers, Ashley remains senior point of contact throughout, ensuring strategic objectives are driven through recognised programmes.







Digital Tutor

Andrew joined the Code team have worked in the L&D sector, mainly in the private sector working in customer service and management development and previously with Independent Training Providers.

Qualified in Work Based Learning with a wealth of experience that specialises in the Psychology of Learning and SPLDs (Specific Learning Differences) Andrew is highly proficient in content design and the use of digital technologies in learning, particularly newly adopted delivery mediums, with significant learner focus and drive to improve performance and engagement in the learning experience.


Join the team

We are always looking to strengthen our team with talented, hard-working individuals who hold the same values as us. If you are interested in joining our team, register your interest below and we will be in touch