Should you become an apprentice?




Earn While You Learn

When choosing an apprenticeship, you are introduced to a full working environment, as well as being trained at the same time. You will be working and learning, and getting paid! Along with this you’ll be getting a head start in your chosen career, “killing two birds with one stone”.

Debt Free

University has a huge price tag attached to the education that they offer with courses costing around £9,000 a year! This doesn’t include any maintenance loans that you may need for accommodation either. Taking the apprenticeship route boasts a debt-free start to a career so you don’t need to worry about unpaid student loan bills building up.

Degree Does Not Mean Guarantee

Just because you go to university and get a degree does not mean that you will be guaranteed a high paid job straight away. Depending on the degree you study, competition for graduate roles and programmes can be fierce. Apprenticeships, however, give you a head start when it comes to a career in your chosen subject. It also allows the company you work for to train you in the way that they need for their business, which in turn gives you a better chance of securing a permanent role after the apprenticeship period is over.