5 Reasons Why Work Experience Is Important!




Work experience is important because it gives you a good understanding of what the world of work is really like and gives you an insight into the field you are interested in. It is a good taster to see how different it is from a being a student at a school.

Build relevant connections!

For work experience I’d recommend going into a career pathway that you’re interested in (if possible). This is because creating a good impression with an employer could lead to them employing you or giving you an apprenticeship.

Make your CV stronger.

Work experience is also great for your CV as you will develop relevant experience which will make you stand out. You will be more skilled in your field of interest and know what to expect from the role, so you can settle in easier and learn quicker. Remember to take note of the impact you have had on the business to add to your CV too!

Boost your confidence!

Work experience can motivate you towards pursuing a career in the field you want to go into as it can make your career choice seem more achievable. If it goes well it can be a big confidence booster to you as you will know that you are able to work in your field of interest – and at a good standard as well.

Learn crucial skills.

You will also take home some skills from the experience you will have developed such as: Teamwork, Communication and Problem Solving. You will also gain technical skills from the field you have chosen. Finally, you will see what happens in a workplace, so it is not a big shock to you when you eventually start your career as the transition from school to the workplace can be daunting.

Test the water.

Work experience could make you have second thoughts about going into a career if you have a bad experience or find it too hard to do. There is still plenty of time left afterwards where you can decide whether you think this field is for you or not, but testing the water could be a good way to see if it is or not.

Overall, work experience is a good thing for you to do and you are better off doing it than not doing it. You may like it, you may hate it, but it’s a good indicator of whether you are well suited to the field you want to get into. This will only help you in the future.