Information for employers

Are you are thinking of recruiting an apprentice to work for your business? Perhaps you are looking to support your employees development or business strategy through recognised apprenticeship training programmes? This section includes information on how apprenticeships work, what your responsibilities are as an employer, and how Code will support you through the process.


52% of organisations struggle to recruit for digital roles.


Government funding is available to support employers.

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A Guide to Apprenticeships
A-Z of Apprenticeships
The Apprenticeship Service & Digital Account
Learner Support Guide

Looking to recruit an apprentice?

Our specialist team will work with you to create a job description, screen candidates, and only pass on candidates that fit your specific criteria.

This process will depend entirely on you – we’ll be involved as much as you want us to be, but we’ll always be on hand to provide any advice or guidance you might need.

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